Xukong Nexus Lore
Xukong Nexus started off life as a loyal crew of pilots supporting the Marquis du Maa. Life was hard. Very hard. At least in the beginning. As wars were won economies changed, space became safer and together with the Marquis du Maa they grew to be a substantial force. Life became better and pirates were fearful!
While supporting the Marquis du Maa this band of brothers and sisters fought many battles together, explored faraway systems and provided protection during trade runs large enough to change the balance of power in entire systems. Going through all this, the good times and bad, friends gained and lost, brought them closer and closer together. They fought for what they valued most; one another.
As the Marquis du Maa grew, this tight knit team became thirsty for change, for more. At first no one spoke up. No one wanted to be deemed a traitor! Slowly, whispers became rumours. Rumours became discussion and from this emerged a plan. A plan to set out together in the vastness of the Galaxy to find a new home and pursue their own dreams. Xukong Nexus was born!
At heart they would always be fighters for good. Pirate hunters, the good guys there to help those in need. With news of the return of the aliens though, once thought banished for eternity, they knew they needed to prepare.
So the Xukong Nexus set out to destroy as many pirate factions as they could whilst discovering whatever they could about the alien race along the way. All the major factions would have their own agenda when it came to the aliens and the Xukong Nexus were wary of what those plans could be, so much so that they chose not to ally with a major faction.
The Xukong Nexus wanted to forge their own path through this historic time of alien contact. The Xukong Nexus' hunger for information about the impending alien contact lead them to embrace exploration, which they did with urgency and passion.
For outsiders looking in, the Xukong Nexus may seem a bit strange: pirate hunters, explorers, traders but with a mysterious interest in the aliens. One thing is for sure though their intentions seem honourable. They have given up a good and stable life with the Marquis du Maa and forgone the protection of a Super Power in favour of independence. They have become a fearsome adversary to any evil that attempts to threaten humanity and all that they love. They have already proven themselves more than capable when dealing with those that would oppose them.
If you should happen to meet one of the Xukong Nexus on your travels, befriend them and you will see they can be one of your most helpful and loyal allies. The battles they have fought, the sights they have seen, the far-off worlds and civilisations they have encountered also make for some of the most interesting tales in the galaxy!