Join the Xukong Nexus
We have a few requirements for our members, not many though so don't panic! First you must be able to join us on Discord so you can join in with all the fun, this means you will need a microphone in order to talk to us. We also require members to use "Push To Talk" (PTT) on our Discord server, once you join the Discord server you will be able to use voice activation but will be asked to set up a PTT button before you will be able to join our group.
In order to join our group all you need to do is come and join us on Discord and have a chat with one of our staff. So long as you meet the above requirements and and are okay following the below member rules then we can sign you up for a trial period straight away (just to ensure you are a good fit for the group), after which you will gain access to all our member benefits.
Once you join us you will gain access to our group assets, which give a huge boost climbing Elite Dangerous' steep learning curve, as well as access to our exclusive "Xukong Nexus" private group where you can wing up with the rest of our members in game.
When you do become a member you will also be asked to join our Wing on
Xukong Nexus Member Rules
  1. All members are required to join in with the voice chat on Discord and to use the English language when they do so. Members are asked to use their in game CMDR name as their username in Discord. We do not use in game voice chat or text chat to communicate. If you don't join in then you will be asked to do so, anyone who still does not join in within 14 days will be removed from the group.
  2. Be respectful of others and mind your manners. No talking over other players, continually interrupting or personal insults. Be a part of the discussions, don't break them.
  3. Any form of bad language and /or graphic sexual language is not allowed.
  4. In depth discussions involving politics, race or religion are not allowed.
  5. It should be noted by all members that we are an Elite Dangerous player community group, not a public service, so we don't want any 'Hit and Run' players. By 'Hit and Run' we mean players that only pop up in voice chat when they have a question or need help and then disappear or go back on mute / deafen again.
    Anyone doing this will be asked to join in more instead of just disappearing. Anyone who still does not join in and contribute to the community spirit will be removed from our group.
    As a member of the group you are expected to join in with the community, come join us in voice chat and have a laugh along with the rest of us. You'll learn more and enjoy playing the game more that way anyway!
  6. We also ask that our members do not engage in non-consensual PVP as a group.
  7. No combat logging, taking up piracy, ganking or griefing of other players.
  8. Don't be a dick!