Xukong Nexus Terminology Definitions
Player Versus Environment (PVE)
PVE is the predominant form of gameplay in Elite: Dangerous and was the only form of gameplay in the games predecessors. This is where players only engage in combat with non player characters (NPCs).
Player Versus Player (PVP)
PVP is where players engage in combat with other players. This should ideally be with the consent of both players. There are PVPers that engage in non consensual PVP, we do not condone this or take part in any such actions. The only PVP that our group gets involved with is consensual PVP between our members and other player factions that we are in alliance with.
Combat Logging
Combat logging is the act of ending the Elite: Dangerous game executable (using Task Manager) or disconnecting the network connection to the Elite: Dangerous servers without logging out of the game using the official method in order to escape death whilst in combat. Using the in game menu to logout and waiting the 15 seconds because you are in danger is an accepted method of escaping death and is not considered combat logging.
Ganking is when an experienced player (known as a ganker) with a well equipped / engineered ship purposefully looks for new / inexperienced players with less equipped / engineered ships to bully. You can usually find them around areas where a lot of players are congregating (Community Goals, Thargoid sites, etc.) where they spend their time interdicting and destroying players that have no chance of fighting back against them. They are bullies and are looked down upon by our group for the scum that they are.
Griefing is when a player (known as a griefer) uses flawed game mechanics to 'grief' (be annoying to) another player. Examples of this are:
  • When a player waits in their ship above a planetary base that is a popular haunt for other players. They wait for players to spawn there in open play with their ship on the ground and their SRV already deployed. The 'griefer' can then shoot the players ship and destroy it with the other player unable to do anything at all about it.
  • When a player waits outside of a station, next to the entrance, in a sidewinder that has no shields and already low hull strength. They wait for their target to leave the station (usually in an expensive ship) and then ram them as they are coming out of the station. Most players are speeding when they come out of a station and so the sidewinder is destroyed, because the target player was speeding they then become wanted for killing the player in the sidewinder and the station then destroys them in their expensive ship.