Who are Xukong Nexus?
We are a fun and friendly PC based player faction in the space simulation game "Elite: Dangerous" whose ethos is to support one another, protect humanity and continually grow in knowledge, number and presence. We are an experienced "Player Versus Environment" (PVE) group that plays the game together as a community in order to share our knowledge and have fun at the same time!
Xukong Values
As a PVE player group we mostly play in our own "Xukong Nexus" private group. Some of our current members do enjoy "Player Versus Player" (PVP) combat though and we welcome new members interested in exploring either play style responsibly.
According to our lore we are generally a pirate hunter faction but we don't have a focus on any particular type of game play, so however you like to play, whether it be bounty hunting, mining, exploring or trading, you will be made very welcome - unless you just want to be a pirate or like to "gank" or "grief" other players! All other areas of game play though can contribute just as much to our group faction and you will find our members enjoy all of them!
So if you are new to the game and need some help? Experienced and want to play with other experienced players? Then come along and join in with us! Whether you are into combat, trading or exploration it doesn't matter. All interests* and levels of experience are welcome.
* Excludes piracy, ganking and griefing